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Hi.I'm Candy Quackenbush the girl from the hereafter.Come and ask me questions! [This will be a partial drawing ask blog and everything will be in IC unless OOC is put in front of it.]

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Candy and a piece of that book.

“Carrion was a law unto himself. Who could judge the depths of his thoughts, or of his pain?
He kept no councils; partook of nobody’s advice. If he was planning a war, then it was not with the assistance of his generals. If he was planning murder, then he did not look to the advice of assassins.
The only clue to the subject of his present meditations was a name that did not yet mean anything much to those who heard it, but very soon would.
The name he spoke was Candy. He said it to himself not once but many times, as though repetition would somehow summon up the owner and bring her near to him.
But she did not come. For all his power, Christopher Carrion was alone at Midnight, having nothing for company but the vultures at his heels, and the nightmares at his lips, and the echoes of that name he spoke, over and over again.

- Clive Barker, The Books of Abarat (via chasteblowjay)
“You opened their eyes to another world, darling. They’ll never forgive you for that.”

- Melissa Quackenbush, Abarat: Absolute Midnight (via pteropus717)
spookytiering whispered:
So Candy, Is there any guy in the Abarat that you'd be satisfied to be shipped/paired with? ((//shotdead notgomen eue))

[wow so  ididnt see this before sorry!]

er shipped…?oh paired with okay uh

I’m not  not okay with Malingo…

not with Carrion defiantly that’d be…..weird……

although i have thought about it…


The Sea


“Even if you open that door there’s nowhere for you to go. There’s just snow up there. You’ll freeze to death in a matter of minutes.”

Well, Carrion, maybe you shouldn’t follow her out there when you’re wearing what is essentially a giant ice cube tray around your own face.


I dreamed a limitless book,

A book unbound,

Its leaves scattered in fantastic abundance.

On every line there was a new horizon drawn,

New heavens supposed;

New states, new souls.

One of those souls,

Dozing through some imagined afternoon,

Dreamed these words.

And needing a hand to set them down,

Made mine.

~ Clive Barker, Abarat